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We supply quality tile effect roofing sheets suitable for all types of roofing. Our tile effect roofing sheets offer a lightweight, cost effective, easy to fit alternative to traditional roofing slate or clay tiles.

Ideal for all types of roofing applications from domestic garden sheds, garages and workshops, to industrial units and agricultural farm buildings.

Tile effect roofing sheets are manufactured, cut to customers exact sizes and length requirements, providing 1m cover when fitted. ie. 10 sheets will cover 10m when fitted. Two types of durable cosmetic finish our tile effect roofing sheets are available in either a Polyester coated smooth finish or a plastisol coated leather grained finish.

The profile of the tile effect roofing sheet has a depth of 32mm providing 5 tiles across the width of each sheet. Each individual tile is 200mm wide and 300mm long. For example a 3 metre long sheet will consist of 50 tiles on a sheet, why fit 50 tiles when you can fit one sheet.

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Our rich business roofing experience enables us to speak the same language with big and small roofing companies and understand their roofing business needs easily.


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