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Donyma Steel Complex is a manufacturing company located at Dadiesoaba in Kumasi near the IRS Office. Donyma Steel Complex deals basically with steel product in the construction firm namely Roofing Sheets of all kinds and sizes, Binding Wire, Iron Rods, Nails and also Garage and Warehouse Gates. It is housed in an ultra modern office complex with a large factory size and functionally well located for business.

The organizational structure combines a range of roles-sets that functions to add value to customer needs in its quest to meet cooperate objectives.

As a fast growing manufacturing industry, Donyma, with its present state-of-the-art equipment has effectively established itself as the number one manufacturing industry in the metropolis as far as steel products in the construction industry is concerned.


Our vision is to become the threshold of the building industry in Ghana in the nearest future.


We are geared towards holding in high esteem our clients as they are the most important people in the business without them, there is no business.

We also show a great deal of professionalism in our day-to-day activities by providing the right kind of technical advice to our clients and ensuring that there are no regrets in the purchase and installation of our products.

Our products are sourced from the right channels and hence durability, thermal efficiency, water resistance, anti- rusting and perfect finishing is always guaranteed.

Our rich business roofing experience enables us to speak the same language with big and small roofing companies and understand their roofing business needs easily.


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